Activity Monitoring

A sentinel for your databases, offering comprehensive security by constantly monitoring and analysing database activities to ensure data integrity and privacy.

Fortifying Your Database Security with SCE's Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

At SCE, we recognise that your organisations most valuable asset is its data, stored within your databases. Protecting this digital treasure trove is paramount in an era where cyber threats are ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated. Our Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solution is a sentinel for your databases, offering comprehensive security by constantly monitoring and analysing database activities to ensure data integrity and privacy.

Continuous Surveillance of Database Activities
    • Real-Time Monitoring: SCE’s DAM solution offers real-time surveillance of database activities, providing immediate alerts upon detecting any suspicious or unauthorised actions, ensuring rapid response to potential threats.
    • User and Session Tracking: Our DAM system keeps a meticulous record of all users and their sessions within the database, allowing for accurate auditing and tracking of actions for security and compliance purposes.
    • Data Alteration Alerts: Any attempts to tamper with or alter your database’s critical data trigger alerts, preventing unauthorised changes and ensuring the integrity of your information.
Enhancing Database Security and Compliance
    • Security Compliance Adherence: SCE’s DAM solution aids in maintaining compliance with various security regulations and standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and more, reducing legal risks and potential fines.
    • Protection Against Insider Threats: By monitoring the activities of authorised users, our solution is instrumental in detecting and preventing insider threats, ensuring that your organisations data remains secure from all angles.
    • Privacy and Data Protection: Safeguard sensitive information and customer data through effective encryption and robust access controls, ensuring that your databases are impenetrable fortresses of digital information.
Immediate Incident Response and Analysis
    • Incident Response: In the event of a security breach or suspicious activity, SCE’s DAM initiates immediate incident response protocols, helping to minimise the damage and maintain operational continuity.
    • Forensic Analysis: Detailed forensic analysis allows organisations to understand the scope and impact of a security incident, aiding in post-incident strategies and potential legal actions.
    • Data Privacy Assurance: Through comprehensive monitoring and security, SCE’s DAM provides assurance to your clients and partners that their data is kept confidential and secure, instilling trust and confidence in your organisation.

SCE’s Database Activity Monitoring solution is your organisation’s guardian for database security and privacy. Safeguard your critical data, stay compliant with industry regulations, and maintain the trust of your clients and partners. Trust in SCE for advanced DAM, and fortify your organisation’s data against the growing tide of cyber threats.
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